Chrome Beta For Android: Replace Downloads Rather Than Duplicates

Awesome! This is one of the best features I badly wanted from Google Chrome. This could be very useful for people who use the Internet (browser) a lot for downloading stuffs.

Replace Downloads Rather Than Duplicates

Remember the last time you used “Chrome” for downloading random images? Suppose if you already have downloaded “DeviceBAR-Logo.png” in your computer, then when you download the same image again, it’ll be saved as “DeviceBAR-Logo(2).png”. So by this you’ll have plenty of duplicate images with or without your knowledge.

Chrome Beta Downloads Replace

Now the Chrome Beta for Android solves this issue. Rather than duplicating the files, they ask you if you want to replace an existing file (which you might have already downloaded before). You can check the screenshot above. It’ll help a lot to reduce memory space when you are downloading stuffs continuously from the internet.

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