5+ Interesting Facts About Apple You Should Know

No, we are not talking about Apple, the fruit. Yes, we all love them and they do taste exotic but, here we are talking about the tech giant Apple Inc. Apple was found in the year 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak. The company started with making computers or what today are called Macs and now, it is making phones, music players, tablets and what not. As interesting as their names sounds, there are many interesting facts about Apple that you must know. For instance, smoking near Apple computer voids the warranty or that MacBook Air’s battery is bulletproof. Lets see some interesting facts about Apple which will blow your mind.

Interesting Facts About Apple

When the world was playing jokes and hoaxes on each other during "April Fools' Day", 3 people decided they should do something better and started a venture called "Apple". Rest is History. O:)

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1. The Name and The Logo

When Steve Jobs came up with the name Apple as the brand came, Wozniak laughed and said, “It’s a computer company, not a fruit store.” Well, later Jobs explained that he likes apple and loves to eat them. According to him, the main idea behind the name Apple was to keep it as simple as it can be. The very first logo of the Apple featured Sir Isaac Newton. Later came the colorful version of the logo called Rainbow Logo. If you are wondering about what that bite on the Apple’s Logo signifies, well, according to Rob Janoff, designer of the logo, the bite is there to let people know that it is an Apple not a cherry.

2. Unlucky Ronald Wayne

Co-founder Ronal Wayne sold his 10% stakes just after 12 days of founding the company. He sold the stakes for mere $800. Those stakes now cost around $60 Billion. When Ronald Wayne was asked about how he feels about this, he said that he does not regret it. Really?

3. Salary Of Former CEO Steve Jobs

The most amazing fact about Apple is that, during his last 15 years, Former CEO Steve Jobs was paid an annual salary of $1 only. Despite this, his net worth was $7 billion. Steve Jobs was a remarkable man and had his own methods. For instance when engineers showed him the first iPod prototype, Jobs rejected the prototype by saying that it was too big. Engineers tried to explain that it can’t be made any smaller. So, to prove his point, Steve dropped the iPod in an aquarium and when it touched the bottom bubbles floated to the top. “Those are air bubbles,” he snapped. “That means there’s space in there.” And, that’s how he convinced the engineers to make it smaller.

4. Better Chances Of Getting Admission Into Harvard University Then Getting A Job At Apple Store

Author of 2012 best seller “Inside Apple“, Adam Lashinsky carefully examined the process of Apple’s recruitment. According to the book, Apple sometimes make fake projects for its employees to work on. If by chance the project leaks, then Apple will know who did it and they are fired immediately.

This doesn’t stop here. The interview process can take up to nine months and it is said that Apple gives fake projects to its employee from time to time to check their loyalty. Good luck working at Apple Inc.

5. Apple Is Insanely Rich

Apple’s net worth is over US $231.83 Billion which is even more then entire US Stock Market of 1997. Apple owns $178 Billion in cash which is enough to buy IBM. They can also buy Ford, GM, and Tesla and still will have $41.3 billion left in its account. Apple’s market cap as of now is $640 billion which is greater than GDP of 25 countries. No doubt, Apple is insanely rich.

6. The Original Apple 1 Computer Sold For $666.66

Before getting into details, you must be curious why $666.66? 😀 Steve Wozniak said he picked this price because he thought “it was just an easier way to type” and it is also because he “liked repeating digits”. The Apple I went on sale in July 1976. About 200 units were produced during that time and around 25 computers were sold for the next nine or ten months.

Apple is surely one of the most interesting brands in the market. If you know any other interesting fact about Apple, do let us know.

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