…. And The Next Google Nexus Phone = Huawei + LG?

Google Nexus 6 was not my personal favourite but then it was a phablet kinda phone, so I had no issues. But I really loved Nexus 5, I totally loved it, both the design and the Stock Android. So I badly wish the next Google Nexus phone will give me the same feel. I have been reading several reports and rumours about the next Nexus phone from Google. Like always I’m thrilled to see with whom Google will collaborate this time to design their phone. The Nexus 6 was co-developed by Google and Motorola Mobility, but this time it could be LG and Huawei. Two brands?! Like two Nexus phones?! Yes, hopefully so! I was surprised to see Huawei in the race, but not shocked, I’m really looking forward.

The Next Google Nexus Phone

Next Nexus Phone

I think this time Google will be following Apple‘s path and launch two Nexus phones (phones, not tablets). The one developed by Huawei will have a 5.7 inch screen and the one developed by LG will have a 5.2 inch screen. If this is true, then I’m probably very excited about the 5.2 inch model. Earlier we had a poll on our DeviceBAR Facebook group about which is the perfect screen size for smartphones, and you might surprised about the results.

The next Nexus phone will have QHD display and will be be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. And yes, obviously with Android 6.0 ‘M’ (aka Muffin or so). No idea about Nexus tablet upgrade or whether Google has any plans of upgrading it this year. With OnePlus 2 and Apple iPhone 6s launch nearing, I think Google should really make this Nexus phone a worthy competitor.

We are searching for more appropriate reports about the price and other specifications regarding Google Nexus phone, we’ll update as soon as we get it. We might also get some insights or updates from this year’s Google I/O and we have some predictions as well.

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