The Reason Behind Frequent Vodafone Call Drops In Delhi

Few days back my Facebook feed was occupied by such complaints and I was really curious about what actually happened. Seems like this issue occurred only for Vodafone subscribers in Delhi (India) and not for other states. Customers having been facing bad voice quality, frequent call drops and poor network coverage for the past few months.

Frequent Vodafone Call Drops In Delhi

Vodafone CEO Sunil Sood Vodafone Call Drops In Delhi

Economic Times

Vodafone CEO Sunil Sood addressed this issue in a press conference on Vodafone’s FY14-15 results in Delhi.

Mr. Sood said, “The issue mainly concerns the Delhi service area, not entire India. The reason for this problem is frequency change. Last November, our license for 20 years expired and our frequency got changed.”

He also explained, “We have to change the tyres of a punctured car while the car is running. I can’t stop my network, close it down and change the frequency. I am trying to change the frequency while the network is running, at the same time the network is expanding in 3G and other areas…so that is a task.”

Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad during his meeting with the operators, discussed about this issue and the benchmarks for dropped calls in Delhi. By TRAI’s performance monitoring report, it seems like Vodafone was not meeting some benchmarks. Aircel is also facing the same situation.

He also mentioned that India will get Vodafone 4G services within this year end,

He said, “We are conducting 4G trials as we speak. We have spectrum in five circles and depending on the how the trial go we will decide the way forward.”

Like he said it’s difficult to change the tyres of a punctured car while the car is running, so lets wait and see the changes. Drop calls can happen for several reasons and Vodafone is not to be blamed for all.

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  1. It is absolutely right that now days more and more Airtel and Vodafone costumes are facing poor network coverage and bad voice quality in Delhi NCR. We are service provider of poor network solution in Delhi NCR and want to know 4g frequency of Airtel and Voda in Delhi.


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