Introducing Sony LED Light Bulb With Bluetooth Speaker

At first when I saw the pic of this light bulb I never realised there could be a speaker along with it. But then it’s a Sony LED Light Bulb and we shouldn’t underestimate.

Sony is famous for both lights and music. Now we have a combination of both. Sony just launched (in Japan) the world’s first light bulb with a Bluetooth speaker.

Sony LED Light Bulb With Bluetooth Speaker

This can fit into any standard lighting socket and you can control this bulb via your smartphone as well, like adjusting the volume and luminosity. The bulb has a maximum luminosity of 360 lumens. You can keep this in your living room and make it comfortable without any extra equipment for music.

Sony LED Light Bulb With Bluetooth Speaker

There is also a dedicated remote that can be paired over NFC. This Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker will be out in Japan on May 23rd. Should be probably priced around $199. Even though the price is kinda high I still feel this is a pretty cool product to try our hands on.

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