Use Airplane Mode To Charge Your Smartphone Faster

I had this habit of switching off my phone and charging it when the battery goes below 10%. That was kinda fine for me, it helped me to charge my phone faster than before. But I miss reading my WhatsApp conversations, eBooks, listening to music, taking pictures, or even seeing pictures, etc. Then “Airplane” mode came to the rescue. It is also sometimes known as “Flight” mode, “Aeroplane” mode, etc. By using Airplane mode you can charge your smartphone faster easily and still access basic things on your phone.

Charge Your Smartphone Faster & Easier

“Airplane” mode is almost available on all the smartphones and electronic devices these days. It cancels or blocks the device’s signal transmitting functions, it usually disables receiving or making phone calls, texting services, GPS, mobile data, Wi-Fi and other transmitting features.

Charge Your Smartphone Faster - Airplane Mode Android

Of course you can just switch off the phone and charge it even better but you’ll miss the chance to read any ebooks, take urgent pictures, listen to music, or even play games. If your phone’s battery life is really low, then use “Airplane” mode and keep your phone aside. It will charge better and faster. It’s a very simple tip which we often avoid. Even if you have a portable battery charger, this mode will be much helpful to charge it faster.

If you are interested to know why the name “Airplane” was chosen for this mode..

“The name is derived from the fact that it permits the user to operate the device while on board a commercial aircraft while in flight, where the operation of cell phones and other devices that send or receive signals is generally prohibited due to the common belief that they can potentially impact aircraft avionics or interfere with ground cell networks.” (via Wikipedia)

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  1. Yes! this actually works 🙂 now i can play on my cell phone while charging it quickly and the best part is no one will disturb me in between game by calling or messaging.


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