Now You Can Use Google To Find Your Phone


To be honest I thought of this feature before few months and badly wanted Google to implement. Why? Because it’s so simple (well, at least for them). Yes, you can now use Google to find your phone, just do a Google search “Find My Phone” and it displays your device’s location + the option to ring it.

Use Google To Find Your Phone

Google My Phone

This is just a simple web query and to use this you should be logged into your browser with the same Google account as your phone, this is a MUST. You won’t be able to find any advanced option in this search result (you can do all those via Android Device Manager), but still this comes really handy in emergency situations and will also be useful for not-so-geeks.

P.S. I also want Google to do the same for “Find Your Phone”.

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  1. Jul 18, 2015 / Sarvesh:
    Finally!! At last Google brought this feature. I can't express how eagerly and from how long I was waiting for this feature. Thanks Google. Reply

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