Xiaomi Mi 4i Teardown With Hugo Barra (VIDEO)

Xiaomi Mi 4i is one of the best midrange smartphones available in the Indian market. I even got one for my client and my friends purchased like 3+ devices for their family members. I really loved the way the device looked, it is kinda thin and simple. I’m not really worried whether it is inspired or copied from other devices, but it looks really nice from outside. That feel and premium look adds more to it.

All the Xiaomi smartphones (and accessories) are extremely popular in India, thanks to their cheap price and Hugo Barra. Yes, Mr. Barra is the public face for Xiaomi and I loved all his event presentations. I got a chance to see his presentation directly during a meetup in Chennai.

Coming back to the post, we all know how Xiaomi Mi 4i looks from the outside, but what about the inside? Do you know the components powering your smartphone device?

Xiaomi Mi 4i Teardown With Hugo Barra

In this video Hugo Barra decides to show the *inside* of Xiaomi Mi 4i. He gives you a detailed teardown and shows you what all goes into the Xiaomi Mi 4i. Usually such teardown and other tests are not done by the company directly, but this time Xiaomi tries their own hands to educate their customers.

He also mentions that this process shouldn’t be done by their customers since it will void the warranty of their devices. As of now this device is available on Flipkart for around 13K (INR).

Do you own a Mi 4i device? How is it? Do let us know your views in the comments below.

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