Best Free Dating Apps in the UK

Since I have a rich long experience in this business, and ended with a triumphant success (a wedding with Roy), I decided to share some information.
Many Russian women, and in general foreigners who speak English (or are well managed with an online translator) are registered on foreign websites, including English. But recently BBC passed a transfer with a journalistic investigation of the activities of some popular sites. It turned out that there are a lot of fraudulent tricks and just a rough deception.

The journalist started her investigation on the basis of complaints from people who have paid accounts on the country’s most popular and rich website (I will not name them just in case). A 55-year-old man was shown, a pleasant but ordinary appearance, very willing to find a spouse who enrolled first in the free sector of the site. He immediately received the darkness of all letters and responses. Having rejoiced, he took a paid account, which allows him to freely correspond and communicate. And then the strange thing happened. The flow of reviews sharply decreased, and then stopped altogether. The man spent 4 thousand pounds on this site which he used for a few years, and to this day has not found his wife. He may have been more successful if he would have used, check it out!

Investigations of journalists have shown a stunning result: all the responses he received in the first period (luring, you might call) were from frontmen, with false accounts, from people who often work on a salary for this firm, which has a rather steep annual turnover of 89 million pounds and its “subcontractors” using low-wage areas.

One of these “subcontractor” agencies was found in Ukraine, where the investigation was conducted by a local journalist, who had arranged for such work. After the publication of her revelations, the Ukrainian shop closed instantly, and the central British firm rejected all charges, saying that they did not know such things at all.

Also, a conversation was shown with a former British IT man, who worked as a small manager in a central firm. He tried everything the journalist discovered, and added that in the market of acquaintances, with his frenzied competition, there was no other way to earn money, “You can open a dating site in one day from your bedroom with minimal computer skills,” he explained to the journalist. is also a great website, be sure to check it out. All you need is a website that can be made from a template, and a database that can be bought cheaply in a variety of places.

The journalist wrote “buy databases for a dating site” in google and immediately received the thousands of sites. I contacted one data merchant who immediately sold 10,000 profiles for a very reasonable price. She, after a little research, found that the whole database was concocted based on Facebook, twitter and other social networks, and people do not have the slightest idea that their profiles are rotating in this area. After several attempts, the journalist managed to talk with the hospitable seller of data on Skype. The man was from Ecuador and boasted that he sold 10 million profiles in a year. He lives comfortably on this money.

In these bases, the journalist was surprised to find many celebrities. While you are at it, check out this website where you can find all the best sex positions. With some of them who lived in London, she met and talked. They, as was to be expected, had no idea of ​​such use of their personal data.
There was also a second site, also very popular. One difference is that it has affiliated web pages for the so-called “adult” communication, that is, for sexual pleasures of all kinds, not related to the desire to create a family. On these pages, the journalist was horrified to find heaps of photographs of children of different ages.

Conclusion: even the prestige of the popular foreign web service in the field of acquaintances does not guarantee the absence of scammers, deceivers and all sorts of dirt that profit from the legitimate desire of people to find their own happiness. Be vigilant, and if you suspect that fraud is being made to you, demand respect for your rights.

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