How to Prepare for CompTIA A+ Certification – Tips And Tricks


The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is a renowned name in the Information Technology industry. This non-profit trade association generates professional certifications, which are going to occupy a valid place in the IT industry for a lifetime.

Moving on, one of the flagship credential courses that is being offered by CompTIA is its A+ certification. People tend to associate this certificate with repairing PCs; however, the scope of this particular course is much broader. A candidate is familiarized with the various issues that are likely to occur when a person deals with various IT devices. Consequently, the candidates become completely aware of the methods through which they would be able to access data irrespective of the device that is in use.

This certification course is usually chosen by people who have less than one year of practical experience. Thus, there are a few things that one must keep in mind while taking the exam in this sphere. Want to work in IT? You need CompTIA A+ certification and these valuable tips to help you pass:

Panic is your enemy. The moment you begin to panic because of the exam environment you are a part of, it’s going to get the best of you and reduce your potential of performing, as well as you possibly can. It’s about how well you are going to adapt to the situation and not about having enough knowledge.

Beta questions. Battle the “beta” questions well. There are some questions that have been specially put in your test to induce stress because they do not belong to the syllabus, which you are supposed to focus on. If you manage not to let these questions bother you and focus on the crux of the exam, you will be able to perform well.

Scores are of little importance. It’s not required of you to have a perfect score. Nobody is going to know all the answers on the test. You are bound to know enough answers so that you can pass the test. Once you get through it, the certificate lays in your hands.

Too much knowledge can be unsafe. While you take the exam, keep in mind that the test takers are expected to have less than a year of experience, and the certification exam has been designed concerning the same fact. When you are in possession of too much knowledge, you are likely to feel that the question is incomplete or is tricky, but remember the most basic answer is probably going to be the right one, given the criteria of the exam.

One can seek aid for the certification course in various ways, such as the following:

Instructor-led training courses. These courses hail from the type that includes an instructor who is going to help you through the multiple steps of preparation for the exam.

Websites. Alongside, there are a lot of resources, which are available in the form of websites like PrepAway, for the people to make use of in order to prepare for the certification course. Some sites are free to use, but there are also some web pages which are available only after paying a subscription fee.


Books. A lot of books are available pertaining to this particular certification course. There are chances that you already have some knowledge of the syllabus but face some difficulty with a few concepts; then, you can resort to books and online videos that are available all over the Internet.

Having mentioned the resources, one can rely on studying for this particular topic, and after having done our research work, we are going to impart essential pieces of information concerning the top resources that you can use in your preparation.

There are a number of training courses that are available with respect to this particular certification. One source that you can rely on is none other than the CompTIA official website itself. The company provides an on-site classroom training for the candidates that enroll to appear for the certification exam. Herein, all your inputs are thoroughly analyzed for you to get the most benefits out of it; however, if you still think that there is something that has been missed out from the syllabus, then you can go through it and ask about the particular portion that interests you.

Moving on to the books, the CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide is the best one to resort to. The information and pictures of the book are going to allow you have a better insight into the content. The guide covers all the important topics that you are required to understand.
Even if you think there is some piece of information, which looks very easy, then you might need to practice it more, because as you already decided to dedicate a certain amount of your time to the exam preparation, you should do it diligently.

PrepAway is a website that you can choose in accordance with the online preparation for the exam. The site provides the candidate with enough practice tests that have been created by professionals. Always remember: the more practice tests you are going to take, the better you are going to be versed with the format of the certification, and the higher your chances to pass it with ease.

The exam that one is likely to take when it comes to this credential course covers all the important things that are going to allow the improvement of the IT infrastructure of a particular company. All the core skill sets are going to be covered when you take this certification course. Therefore, you are going to have the edge over the fundamentals.

Given the growing risk pertaining to digital security in the world that we live in, this certification course realizes the importance of security and underscores it in eight out of the nine objectives that are included in CompTIA A+. Thus, the course is aimed at holistic development of the person who is going to enroll for the same, which in turn is going to benefit the firm they are a part of.

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