5 Content Writing Platforms that Will Inspire You


When you are going to order a text, you want to be sure that you will receive a more than satisfying result. No wonder, spending some money, you need to get the result. Luckily, the Internet provides lists of the writing service websites throughout the world. Now, the real problem is to choose one out of dozens of platforms.

Such websites as Website presuppose some help with academic stuff, but what about the sites that can offer a professional to write an article for you? We offer the top 5 content writing platforms that are currently wanted among the customers.


This platform is widely known in the world. Job-seekers, recruiters and HR managers, team leads, teachers, and those looking for extra jobs know Upwork as a reliable and constant website. It is also the largest freelance content writing platform.

On the website, you will find around 100 000 people willing to complete your writing task. However, you will have to face a little challenge finding a really talented person for your project. And it’s not because there are no such people on the site.

The point is that nearly anyone can go there and become a writer; it is not a platform for writers specifically. However, filtering by price, you will find the needed person. The prices range from $10 to $50. Upwork is an old and reliable platform which makes it one of the favorites among the people.


This content writing platform is a place where you can find writers who are suitable for any budget. It is also the place where you will find a wide range of categories. The site was launched back in 2010 and since then it is one of the most popular sites for finding writers.

When it comes to writing content, you can order anything you want, whether it’s an essay, a marketing quote or tips for survival in college. You will find many talented writers on the top five. The search process involved the use of `Gugs’, so you will need to spend some time looking for vacancies created by freelancers.

However, writing the right gigs is not that hard to do. You need to have a proper understanding of what writer you need, your budget, and what kind of text you want a person to write for you. The platform will surely meet your expectations. 

Constant Content

A platform Constant Content is a great website that specializes in content writing. Here, you will find as many top-notch experts as you need. The best thing is that Constant Content is undoubtedly a place with no inexperienced writers.

The platform has specific requirements and an impressive application process. Using the website, you can be calm as for the text, as the writer’s complete the work, and Constant Content administration checks it thoroughly. Eventually, you receive content that meets the highest standards. 

Keep in mind that editing service is not entirely free – you will be charged for this a little. Nevertheless, we believe it is reasonable to save your time by letting experienced writers polish your work.


Even though a ProBlogger is known as a website for bloggers who are willing to monetize their blog, we included it on the list for a good reason. The thing is that you can find a job board on ProBlogger, where you can find a good writer.

Considering that the platform is all about content writing, and there are lots of bloggers out there, you will surely find someone who completes your task. The job board functions the way the Craigslist’s board does. 

Keep in mind that any posting of a job offer is not free. Consider this fee as a guarantee of a quality selection of the writers who can accept your job offer. As it is a specialized website, people often resort to ProBlogger looking for a content writer.


A content writing platform iWriter is a site for writers from all corners of the world. There are many people with different levels of knowledge and native language. Therefore, many tend to start their writing career using. 

At the same time, iWriter is known as a budget variant for limited finances and schools. In such a way, if you are a newcomer in the business, iWriter seems to be a good idea for writing content on your website, for instance.

This content writing platform enlists the writers with incredibly low prices. As an example, some writers’ bids are less than two dollars! Despite the quality of iWriter, we still recommend not being sold at the lowest prices, as there might be unpleasant consequences in the form of awful texts. Ask a writer for some samples of her works just in case.

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