How To Find Your Entire Google Voice Search History

Thanks to “Siri” and “Google Now”, oh okay, maybe “Cortana”, we literally stopped using our hands for typing our queries, we started to speak to the smartphone instead. I think this is really a good feature, we don’t need to type, we can just speak or ask whatever we want and get answers for that. We can ask the smartphone to wake us, call someone, set a reminder and much more.

But wait, do you even remember all those weird and wicked Google voice searches you made? You might remember the last few searches, but what about the ones you made last week? Last month? Last year? Well, don’t worry, Google knows you way better.

Google Voice Search History: Yes, They Record Everything!

You can go to Google Voice & Audio Activity and you see the list of voice and audio inputs that you’ve sent to Google. Yes, seriously, all the voice/audio inputs! You can click on the play icon and listen to them.

Google Voice Search History

I was actually surprised to see some of my old search queries, the ones I made when I was drunk, when I was stressed, when I was happy and all the audios. Just make sure you log in with the same Google account you used for your Android Smartphone or service.

Meanwhile if you look at the Google Web & App Activity page, you can see the list of all the web & app search queries you made. You can see all your past searches and the content you’ve browsed in Chrome and other apps. It should look spooky but quite informative sometimes.

Google Web & App Activity

You can see the “Searches by Day”, “Total Searches”, and “Top Search Clicks” for last week / last month / last year / all the time. These are just private data, so you don’t need to worry, you can easily delete them whenever you need.

Do use this feature and see your past voice searches. Maybe, you can share with us some of your interesting ‘voice searches’ you made in the past, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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