GoPro Will Launch Their Own Drone Within 2016

GoPro and Drones are the best couple I have ever seen! And now GoPro will officially enter into the Drone segment. GoPro CEO Nick Woodman recently announced at the Code Conference that they are going to build their own quadcopter (drone) and they will launch it in the first half of 2016.

GoPro Will Launch Their Own Drone

GoPro cameras are the best wearable and light-weight cameras I have personally used. I haven’t tried it with a drone or quadcopter though. Now this news about their very own quadcopter is so exciting, if it is good enough, I’ll be happy to buy it.

Like their CEO said, “The quad is in some ways the ultimate GoPro accessory.”

That’s very true. This quadcopter will be the perfect accessory for GoPro or even vice vera. We didn’t get any update about the official pricing of this drone, but hopefully it’ll have the same or less price of their competitors.

GoPro Will Launch Their Own Drone

Nick Woodman also said, letting people fly their cameras “sparks the imagination” of users. This news might not be surprising for some people, to be honest, they were actually expecting a drone from GoPro. I would have seen GoPro attached to at least dozen different drones, so I guess it was wise of them to make their own for their customers.

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  1. Ok that’s cool, I’ve been wanting a drone and wanting a go pro. if you can lock ’em down being made by the same company you know everything will be epic as can be.


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