How To Instantly Shut Down (Or Reboot) Your Apple Mac

If you are like me, then you’ll also probably hate to use your trackpad or mouse to click and do things. That’s why I always prefer Mac keyboard shortcuts, they not just save time, but also helps you avoid opening unnecessary windows.

Instantly Shut Down (Or Reboot) Your Apple Mac

Most of you might think this tip will be extremely useful for porn viewers, but not just that, this tip also helps you to save some time. Especially because this bypasses the shut-down counter which you usually get when you try shut down your Mac using Apple Menu > Shutdown.

Instantly Shut Down (Or Reboot) Your Apple Mac

You can memorise these useful keyboard shortcuts and implement them next time you shut down or reboot your Mac.

Instantly Shut Down:

Command + Option + Control + Power/Eject

Instantly Reboot:

Control + Command + Power/Eject

Other helpful similar shortcuts for your Mac….

Instantly Logout From Your Account:

Command + Shift + Q

Instantly Put Your Mac To Sleep:

Command + Option + Power

Instantly Turn Off Mac Display:

Shift + Control + Power

Awesome isn’t it? When you are trying to experiment the shortcuts for shutting down or rebooting your Mac, make sure you saved all the files. Because it won’t really give you a warning or prompt message sometimes. Better be safe than sorry. Do let us know what you think about these keyboard shortcuts for Mac in the comments below. Also if you have any other cool shortcut tip, feel free to share them below as well.

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