Probably The Simplest Way To Test If A Battery Is Dead Or Not [VIDEO]

Okay, so you have two batteries (alkaline) around you and you are confused which one is charged and which one is dead. Fortunately, if you have a voltmeter around you then you can easily test it. Even if you have a remote or a clock, you can use those batteries and check it. But, lets consider you don’t have them right now, so here is an easy way to figure it out. Trust me, it’s very easy, I almost became a scientist.

Test If A Battery Is Dead Or Not

When you drop a battery vertically from a short distance onto a hard surface:

Battery (Charged): It will make a solid thump sound and will most probably remain standing.

Battery (Dead): It makes a muffled sound, bounces repeatedly, and then topples over.

Seems like when an alkaline battery becomes dead, the chemicals inside them become a gas. This will affect the composition of the battery, thus you can easily test if a battery is dead or not. Easy isn’t it? You don’t even need any extra tools for this. I do remember the days I used to lick the batteries to test whether they have any charge or not. LOL, funny days. 😛

Go ahead and try this with your batteries. Do let us know your views in the comments below.


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  1. there is another way .. you can find the amount of charge left too , for that place the tip of our toungue on positive side and touch the negative with a metal object like coin .. if the battery have charge you will feel a sour taste .. if not the battery is dead .. also it the intensity of sour taste tells .. how much charge is left


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