LG OLED E7 Smart TV Series: Elegance Redefined

On a recent visit to one of the leading gadget stores in Chennai, we got our hands on the latest LG OLED E7 Series TV. And wow! Did it look great? Not only does the TV looks absolutely fabulous but with this LG takes a step ahead and gets the ultimate Home – Cinema experience to viewers.

Indian television viewing industry is huge and mind you, really huge! It is a mega-million-dollar business that strives to deliver the best to customers. With many companies competing to have an upper hand on the market, LG is looking to edge out in the entertainment and technology industry with the latest OLED E7 Series of televisions. The company is aiming to make viewing experience as elegant and sophisticated as possible with a seamless experience to viewers.

LG OLED E7 Series

So what really makes the LG OLED E7 Series so special? The answer to this lies in the fact that LG has used the latest state-of-the-art technology to develop this amazing piece of entertainment. The E7 Series comes loaded with features like Dolby Vision™, Dolby Atmos® and Color Science Expertise by Technicolor, something that makes it a premium class product in the television market. A lot has gone into the R&D of the OLED 4K HDR Smart TV. Backed by cutting-edge technology and elegant design, the TV gives viewers ‘Picture-on-Glass’ experience with its perfect black screen.

Owing to its amazing features and tech it won’t be wrong to call the LG OLED TV series as the next ‘Big Thing’ in the home entertainment industry. The feature that makes LG OLED TV stand apart is its self-lighting pixels which make television viewing and ultimate experience. The OLED TV is the only available TV in the market offering such technology. A perfect blend of design and technology, this is the official device that makes use of Technicolor’s color mastering. Interestingly, no other television has ever achieved this feat, hopefully.

With the OLED E7 series, LG looks to provide the ultimate home cinema experience to the viewers. The colors and images just come alive perfectly with the Dolby Vision™ technology. It is a whole new unmatched viewing experience that LG looks to deliver with an astonishing brightness that optimizes scene-by-scene all HDR Format (Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HLG, and SDR to HDR conversion). The OLED E7 series is a seamless blend of simplicity and perfection that serves the most premium content to the viewers. You get the best picture, sound, and content without missing out on even the finest of the details. Add to this the Netflix and Amazon Prime partnership which further enhances your 4K content experience. Users are already calling the G7 series the perfect blend of state-of-the-art aesthetics, simplicity, and perfection.


Now you wouldn’t like a great picture without great sound? Would you? So LG has taken utmost care of this too. The LG OLED E7 series comes loaded with the Dolby Atmos® sound system so you get the best sound experience with great picture quality. Now that’s what you call the ultimate home cinema experience. To make things serious E7 series comes with breathtaking Sound Bar and built in Woofers along with the Dolby Atmos® technology.

LG has the stronghold on Indian home appliances and electronics market. It has for long been looked upon as a family friendly electronics company. So to keep the whole family together, LG E7 series comes in two size variants, 65” and 55” (diagonal class). Now, these sizes really make a great home cinema experience for the whole family. Focusing on the comfort level and enjoying with the family, LG is not holding back anything. Impressive intuitive interface, a “single click” access Remote Control that gives you access to anything and everything, natural voice recognition, Universal Control Capability, LG Content Store (App Store), OLED Gallery, and Full Web Browser are features that add to the ultimate television viewing experience.

OLED TV Series is just another step the LG has taken to become the ultimate and undisputed leader in home entertainment. No doubt the television sets the highest standards of aesthetics and design features when it comes to home entertainment. To take home your 65” OLED E7 TV you need to splash Rs.5,84,990/-for 65” while for the 55” you need to pay Rs.3,99,990. Well, guess entertainment does come at a whopping cost!

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