Pebble CEO Says Apple Watch Is Spectacular

Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky, during Wearable World Congress 2015, spoke a few words about his first Pebble, Google Android Wear and Apple Watch. He said when he created his first Pebble it was like a horse race for him. He believed he needed to market it before larger companies realise the potential and start the production.

Eric Migicovsky recollected that one of the first questions his company received was, “What if Apple or Google make one?” He has to face against huge giants like Google, Apple or even Microsoft. Pebble is facing heavy competition from Google’s Android Wear and Apple Watch, but Eric is cool about it.

Eric Migicovsky: “Apple Watch Is Spectacular”.

Apple Watch Is Spectacular

Eric Migicovsky without being hesitant, frankly said, “Apple did come through and it’s spectacular. A lot to learn from them because it took them seven years, but we don’t worry about that. We’re focused on keeping is simple, affordable and useful. Google has put forth a dozen different watches. Apple has put forth a higher fashion watch … and this is great. It’s a platform visibly on you, a representation of who you are, statement to the world. Pebble aligns with this very well.”

Pebble CEO mentioned Apple Watch is spectacular and they put forth a higher fashion watch when compared with Google’s Android Wear devices. Looking forward to learn more about Pebble’s upgraded version “Pebble Time”. Hope it’ll be a decent competitor for other smart watches.

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