Control Your Car Using Volvo’s On Call App (Android Wear & Apple Watch)

Control Your Car Using Volvo's On Call App (Android Wear & Apple Watch)

Earlier it was Mercedes Benz and now we have Volvo entering the game. Before few days Mercedes Benz announced MB Companion app for Apple Watch, by this they entered the Wearable Tech segment. Now Volvo will soon release its On Call app for Android Wear devices and the Apple Watch. This app was already available … Read more

Pebble CEO Says Apple Watch Is Spectacular

Apple Watch Is Spectacular

Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky, during Wearable World Congress 2015, spoke a few words about his first Pebble, Google Android Wear and Apple Watch. He said when he created his first Pebble it was like a horse race for him. He believed he needed to market it before larger companies realise the potential and start the … Read more