What If Steve Jobs Introduced The Apple Watch? [Video]

Though most of us don’t really know Steve Jobs personally, we always loved him, his vision, his awesome products and his motivational quotes. He left the world but his visions and his creations are still ruling the world. Right from a smartphone to a smartwatch, Apple entered every segment and created a buzz.

If Steve Jobs Introduced The Apple Watch

I came across this YouTube video by John Appleseed which creatively displays what happens if Steve Jobs introduced the Apple Watch. I loved all the product displays and intros by Steve Jobs. His voice and his presentation are top-notch. Every time I watch an Apple event I badly miss that feel.

Do let us know what you think about this video in the comments below. Meanwhile, is Apple Watch too early? Would Steve Jobs announced it earlier or would have decided to wait for some time? I’m not blaming Tim Cook, he is doing a great job, but I’m somehow not really a big fan of Apple Watch at the moment.

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