Control Your Car Using Volvo’s On Call App (Android Wear & Apple Watch)

Earlier it was Mercedes Benz and now we have Volvo entering the game. Before few days Mercedes Benz announced MB Companion app for Apple Watch, by this they entered the Wearable Tech segment. Now Volvo will soon release its On Call app for Android Wear devices and the Apple Watch. This app was already available for smartphones few years before and now it is going to be available for smart watches.

Control Your Car Using Volvo’s On Call App

Using this app you can remotely lock or unlock your car’s doors, switch on the heater, switch on the air conditioner, check fuel and mileage, etc. Even if you lost your car in the parking lot you can use your On Call app to help you out. You can also send navigation directions to the car from your smartwatch.

Control Your Car Using Volvo's On Call App (Android Wear & Apple Watch)

By any chance if your airbag gets deployed, it will quickly connect you with an operator and then tracks your GPS navigation. Volvo claims that they are the first to offer a complete in-car telematics system.

David Holecek (Director Connected Products and Services at Volvo Cars) said, “Volvo On Call is an app that allows you to literally take control over everyday elements in your Volvo. You can set heater timings for those cold and frosty mornings or cool down your car in hot weather, check your fuel level and mileage, or time to next service. It even helps you to locate your car in a crowded parking garage.”

Just in case you are wondering how this app works, do check this video (below) they have for smartphones:

With popular automobile brands entering Wearable tech segment for consumers, they are indirectly converting normal cars into smart cars. I also wish other brands implement the same for budget cars.

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