Samsung Compares Apple iPhone 6 With Galaxy S6 Edge [VIDEOS]

Samsung and Apple, still a better love story than Twilight. Earlier we shared a video where Samsung called iPhone users as wall huggers and now we are back with two more funny commercial videos where Samsung compares Apple iPhone 6 with Galaxy S6 edge.

Apple iPhone 6 With Galaxy S6 Edge

In this video, Samsung highlights the ‘edge’ feature of their new Galaxy S6 edge. You can get all sorts of notifications through this, let it be your call, message or any other app notification. But this is not available in Apple iPhone 6 (or 6 Plus)

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (1) – Apple iPhone 6 (0)

In this video, Samsung highlights their wireless charging ability and their wide angle selfie feature. They compared this with Apple iPhone 6, but again, they didn’t have these.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (1) – Apple iPhone 6 (0)

They concluded the videos saying “not all smartphones are created equal”. Well, fair enough. I really loved S6 and S6 edge, though not very extra-ordinary, they are still the best smartphones available for Android I would say.

See, even if these features are missing from Apple iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus), you know what I like the most about them? They don’t even care about such trolls. They just keep on building smart smartphones and try their best to move ahead of their competitors.

Anyways these advertisement aka funny videos are awesome. Hoping to see more such trolls from Samsung in future. 😛

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