Now Schools In China Uses Drones To Spot Exam Cheaters

We talked about drones last time when Enrique Iglesias got injured by grabbing a drone during a concert and we are now talking about it again, thanks to the schools in China.

China Uses Drones To Spot Exam Cheaters

When we talk about schools, we talk about education, then we talk about exams. So at the end, it all comes to an exam. Exams are a part of grading you and testing your knowledge. So if you are like me, then you often try to bend the rules and cheat on exams (not that great, but just begging other students to help). But that was 3-4 years before and we didn’t really have that much technological detection methods. But some schools in China decided to use drones for spotting exam cheaters.

China Uses Drones To Spot Exam Cheaters

If you are a student and a geek, then you’ll probably try to cheat on your exams with your smart watches and other random gadgets, but you should also remember, your teachers are also once students and they know very well how you are. This time they are going to use drones for monitoring the students who are writing exams. Schools in the Chinese province of Luoyang are implementing this. So when the students take their two-day exam ‘gaokao’ they will have drone invigilators instead.

People’s Daily report says staffs will be connected to the drones and it will also monitor any signal being emitted by electronic devices like smartphones. I’m not sure whether these drones will be useful for monitoring each and every student, but instead, it’ll be very helpful to detect students who cheat using any electronic device. These drones can fly about 500 meters above the exam room and they can also hover for around 30 minutes. They have an auto-landing function, which is pretty useful when you are out of battery or when you want to stop it.

Earlier drones were only used exclusively for taking photographs but now things are changing very well. Anyways it is good to see schools using drones to spot exam cheaters. What do you think about this? Do let us know your views in the comments below.


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