Simplest Way To Use The Calculator On Mac OS X

Earlier we shared a tip where you can use Chrome as a calculator and now we have something for Mac OS X users as well.

Earlier you must have probably moved your cursor to the spotlight search option, type the word “Calculator”, wait for it to load, then type the numbers, and finally press the “=” button to wait for the results. This is how we usually work on a program, but then, when we have something advanced like Spotlight, we don’t need to overload ourselves.

Spotlight As Calculator In Mac OS X

Spotlight for Apple is like Google for Android. Spotlight helps you to quickly locate files on your Mac, and much more. So now instead of opening your calculator program and do the calculations you can simply type them on the spotlight. You can simply and directly use Spotlight as a Calculator in Mac OS X. You’ll get the results asap below, you can check this screenshot:

Calculator In Mac OS X

Yes, this is not going to save huge amount of time, but this is very simple and direct. By looking at the functionalities of Spotlight I can say Apple is very much capable of starting their own search engine. But they should make sure it is capable of going against the giant, they don’t want yet another Google Maps > Apple Maps incident.

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