Here’s How You Can Trap Your Friends Inside Your Phone


Trap your friends inside your phone? Yes! Like they are stuck in there forever and like they are trying to come out of it. 😀 What all you need? Well, a smartphone, a glass (a window or car could work!), and a bunch of crazy friends!

Trap Your Friends Inside Your Phone

You can take photographs of your friends with their face squished against glass, let it be your window glass or your car glass, anything could work. Then assign those photographs to your phone contacts. Hurray! Now it’ll look like they’re trapped inside your phone!

Trap Your Friends Inside Your Phone

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Do try this with your friends and share the screenshots. If they are good enough we’ll be happy to share it on our official Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Note: This caller UI may not be present on all the smartphones.

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7 Comments on Here’s How You Can Trap Your Friends Inside Your Phone

  1. Jun 11, 2014 / Madhumitha:
    Though not every phone supports such interface I still believe this is a cool trick. :D Thanks for sharing! :) Reply
  2. Sep 01, 2014 / Vinay:
    lol nice way to troll some noobs around hy look i trapped my frnd inside my phone lol :v Reply
  3. Sep 01, 2014 / Arup Ghosh:
    Great idea. Reply
  4. May 14, 2015 / Sarvesh:
    lol!! Thats a good trick to play. :D Reply
  5. Feb 29, 2016 / Pabitra:
    hahaha. this is an awesome trick :) i'll must try . thanks :) Reply
  6. Jun 12, 2016 / Ashik:
    Great Trick, I'll try it for sure. By the way, thanks for posting. Reply
  7. Aug 26, 2016 / Aman:
    Haha ,this is a fun trick ,Great !!! Reply

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