Using Google Photos From The Desktop

I’m pretty sure most of you might have started using Google Photos by now and this is really a great tool for backup (I’m also using Dropbox for this). I’m transferring most of my favourite photos to Google Photos for backup. Earlier I felt slightly uncomfortable using the web version to do the upload, later I came across this handy desktop tool from Google which made me easy to do the upload from my desktop itself. You can now start using Google Photos from the desktop itself.

Desktop Uploader from Google Photos

If you want to auto upload photos from your Mac or Windows computer then there is a way for that. Go to this link and download the ‘Desktop Uploader’ software. You can choose your desired Google account and log in. You can also select the folders you want Google Photos to back up automatically. Cameras and storage cards will be included as additional options.

Using Google Photos From The Desktop

It’s good to see a stand-alone Desktop client for Google Photos. You can also try the Google Drive app on your Mac or Windows machine for using this. Have you started using Google Photos? Do you like it? Feel free to let us know your views in the comments below.

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