Welcome To DeviceBAR – 0% Alcoholic 100% Deviceholic

When I started HellBound Bloggers (HBB) I was mostly blogging about gadgets and mobiles. Then we decided we should expand it further and we created individual blogs for covering those topics. I started Slashsquare as a hub for those topics and we have blogs like HBB, MoviesDrop, and now, introducing DeviceBAR.

Welcome To DeviceBAR

We are now happy to introduce DeviceBAR for covering gadgets and gizmos. I’m a Deviceholic, I love to try my hands on all those awesome gadgets with creative technologies. I hope, with the help of DeviceBAR, I can get my hands on the gadgets I love.

Welcome To DeviceBAR

I always have this habit of making a good social presence before starting a blog, we have been active on Facebook (Page/Group) and Twitter for the past few months. DeviceBAR is a Gadgets & Gizmos Bar. Apart from the fact we don’t talk about liquors, we mostly focus on gadgets (or devices) and the technologies behind it. We are not just restricted to mobiles, PCs, iOS, etc., we are open to almost anything that runs on electricity.

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