Confess – An Easy Way To Post Anonymous Confessions

Confessions! It’s a word which also means ‘secrets’, or more like secrets which one wants to share with others. 😛 Let it be Church confessions or Facebook confessions, we have seen people sharing their secrets (or desires) with like-minded people or with someone they trust so that they can decrease their mind’s burden. Gossips, interactions, bullshits, etc., I think there is no specific end for all these interactions aka entertainment.

We should probably accept that we all have some secrets which we often fear talking with others publicly, but yes, giving you a mask, I think you can do it better. Freedom of speech takes place here. Well, I’m not really going to give you a mask here, but instead I’ll let you know about a mobile application and it’s called “Confess”. A place where you can post anonymous confessions, and it’s not like Twitter, to be precise.

Confess - Post Anonymous Confessions

This app gives you the freedom to share your secrets and thus giving you a relief. Confess is India’s first anonymous social network application and it is launched by Vavia Technologies. Your identities won’t be revealed to anyone, it’s like your confessions will be visible to your connections and theirs will be visible to you. As simple as that.

Confess (Post Anonymous Confessions) Key Features

  • Post Confessions Anonymously.
  • Read Other Interesting Confessions.
  • Interact With People Posting A Confession.
  • Comment On Other Confessions Anonymously.
  • Create Your Own Private Confession Group.

These are the key features, but I would suggest you to install and check the full application. I loved the own private confession group feature, I think it’s time to create one for our Bloggers community and see their secret desires and mischiefs. 😀

[LINK: Download “Confess” on Google Play Store]

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