Google Cardboard Now Works On Apple iOS


During today’s Google I/O 2015 event, they officially announced that Google Cardboard now works on Apple iOS devices. Earlier it was available exclusively only for Android devices. Google Cardboard is Google’s low-cost VR headset, it got debuted at last year’s I/O conference. The official Android app for Google Cardboard has already been downloaded more than a million times.

Google Cardboard Now Works On Apple iOS

This year’s Google Cardboard has some minor design improvements. It can now support phones up to six inches in diameter and its magnetic “switch” will helpful for that. I also believe this model will be easy to assemble compared to the last one. They got rid of the magnet controller and replaced it with a cardboard button.

Google Cardboard Now Works On Apple iOS

They provided a new Google Cardboard SDK that will work across both Android and iOS devices. With VR concept trending all over the world, we can expect more such updates from them in future.

You can download Google Cardboard for iOS from iTunes right now.

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