This Phone Mockup Is The Next Official Google Nexus?

While watching the Google I/O 2015 live streaming we came across a device which looks more or less unfamiliar and like you might have probably guessed, our initial thoughts were, is this the next official Google Nexus device (probably a smartphone and not a tablet)?

The Next Official Google Nexus Device?

While explaining about Android ‘M” and its future with USB Type-C, Google displayed a mockup phone (which you can see below) and it is not like any other Nexus devices we have seen.

Next Google Nexus Device

According to the rumours the next Google Nexus smartphone (two variants) will be built by Huawei and LG. Google’s last Nexus smartphone (Nexus 6) was pretty popular but it was more or less looked like a phablet and differs a lot from Nexus 5. Nexus 9 was decent enough for a tablet. So I’m badly waiting for the next upgraded version of Nexus (smartphone), especially its integration with Android ‘M’ and other new Google services.

I’m still waiting to hear about any official update from them, hope they’ll tell some news about the next Google Nexus device in this event. Meanwhile I’ll monitor the displays whether they are displaying this phone mockup again.

It should be a tough competitor for other upcoming models like iPhone 6s (and 6s Plus), OnePlus 2 and Xiaomi Mi 5.


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