Turn Your Android Phone Into A Power Bank With USB Type-C

Turn Android Phone Into A Power Bank USB Type-C

USB Type-C is the future of cables. It is something that will unite all the devices, when, they are out-of-charge of course. Earlier we shared some interesting facts about USB Type-C and today Google revealed some additional information regarding this at their I/O conference. Turn Your Android Phone Into A Power Bank If USB Type-C … Read more

Android Pay: A Simple & Secure Way To Pay With Your Android Phone

Android Pay

Google I/O started and we are getting some interesting updates about Android right now. We already have Android Wear, Android Auto, etc., and now Android ______? Making payments with an Android smartphone is always tricky and sometimes scary. Apple created a solution for their iOS devices with “Apple Pay” and it’s time for Google to … Read more

5+ Things You Should Know About USB Type-C

USB Type-C

Whenever I hang out with my friends (iPhone users) I always end up with one main problem. I always end up asking “Macha, battery down da, charger iruka?” (Dude, battery down, do you have a charger?). The same happens when they are stuck with Android users. Android’s Micro USB port and Apple‘s Lightning connector won’t … Read more