Turn Your Android Phone Into A Power Bank With USB Type-C

USB Type-C is the future of cables. It is something that will unite all the devices, when, they are out-of-charge of course. Earlier we shared some interesting facts about USB Type-C and today Google revealed some additional information regarding this at their I/O conference.

Turn Your Android Phone Into A Power Bank

If USB Type-C is integrated in your Android smartphone then you can easily turn it into a power bank. Yes, you can use it as an external power bank for charging other devices. This is really a big move. Day by day I try several methods to improve my Android phone’s battery life and now we have a simple way for that.

Turn Android Phone Into A Power Bank USB Type-C

Google announced that if your smartphone is integrated with USB Type-C and if it is running Android M then you can share the battery power with another device. USB Type-C has a reversible and versatile connectivity. I wish all the devices support this type of USB, especially all the major Apple and Android products. When I owned an iPhone and an Android device, I used to carry two different chargers, it was really a pain.

Suppose if you are travelling and if you have 90% charge on your tablet but only 15% charge on your smartphone, then you can easily transfer the power and use your smartphone for long. I badly want this to be implemented soon.

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