Google Android M Won’t Be Milkshake. Here’s Why.

Hahahaha. 😀 Now we have to remove one popular option from the list. Android M won’t be ‘Milkshake’ we believe. During Google I/O conference, Dave Burke (VP Engineering, Android) was spotted wearing an Android Wear smartwatch and the screen had a milkshake watch face on it. When the Android freaks found this, they started to spread the word that the new version of Google’s Android M might be ‘Milkshake’ this time.

Android M Won’t Be Milkshake

When Dave Burke came across this news, he publicly tweeted that Android M won’t stand for Milkshake and his watch face hack cycles through his favourite M desserts. 😀 You can see 3 more desserts in this picture. Maybe one amongst them is the winner?

So it’s not Milkshake then probably it could be some other dessert starting with the letter ‘M’. Earlier we heard some reports that Android M will be codenamed as Macadamia Nut Cookie.

So what could be the ‘word’ behind the ‘letter’? Any guesses?

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