Learn How You Can Write In Instagram Pictures

Awww! I remember doing something similar like this when I was a kid. I used spend my time by cutting newspapers and generating my name with different fonts. Now I don’t even remember when was the last time I read something from the newspapers. We see and read everything online. But can we expect something like this online as well? Yes, you can.

Write In Instagram Pictures

We came across an interesting tool and we right away decided to blog about it. Because it’s so awesome. See the picture below and you’ll understand why. 😉

Write In Instagram Pictures

Yes, you can now write in Instagram pictures. 😀 You can type your desired name and your output will be something like this. They render your text in selected Instagram photos. I really loved this. You can even use the ‘refresh’ button to generate different Instagram pictures for the letters. The tool name’s TypeToDesign and I have spent the last few minutes on this site trying out different Instagram picture designs for my favourite words.

You can save it as a PDF or you can take a screenshot like we did. You can use this tool to generate awesome party cards, creative posters and almost anything cool.

Note: All the character graphics are property of their respective owner and are not to be used commercially.

TypeToDesign is part of a 36 Days of Type initiative. It’s a challenge where designers, artists and illustrators create new designs and tools using letters and numbers.

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