Press These Keys To Start Up Your Mac Silently

Being a ProBlogger I usually use my MacBook Pro (MBP) at night, so whenever I switch it on, I make sure I’m not disturbing anyone in my house. The startup tone will be only for like 2-3 seconds maximum, but still, I don’t want to have that during night time.

Start Up Your Mac Silently

If you want to start up your Mac silently or if you want to restart your mac silently, then you just need to press the ‘Mute’ button (which has F10) whenever you do that process. Right after pressing the power button I press the ‘Mute’ button and it’ll mute that boot chime sound.

Start Up Your Mac Silently

So far this is the simplest way to avoid this sound whenever you want. This shortcut is worth remembering when you have children sleeping in your house, experienced it a lot. 😛 If you hate this boot sound then you can disable them by tweaking the “Sound System Preferences”. You can also disable them completely by typing some commands in the Terminal, but I haven’t tried it yet, so I’m not gonna recommend this step.

Earlier some friends asked me whether it is possible to change this boot sound, but to be honest, it’s complicated. This sound or tone is stored in the Mac OS X‘s firmware and if you try to tweak it, then you’ll be either luckily successful or badly messed up.

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