How To Download APK Files From Google Play Store

Okay, first the basics. What is APK (or .apk)? It is more or less similar to .exe (Windows) & .dmg (OS X). It is a file format for installing applications / apps onto Google’s Android OS. So if you want to install any application in your Android device, then you need to download APK files for that.

But, wait, we have Google Play Store for downloading / installing apps easily, isn’t it?

Well, like others, I would also recommend you to install apps via Google Play Store or Amazon App store, but sometimes you will face situations like I faced earlier. I badly wanted to use WhatsApp on my tablet, but I couldn’t, so I needed to download the APK file manually and install it on my tab. Even the same happened for a game, I wanted to use that on my phone, but Google Play Store showed it was incompatible, so I downloaded that game’s APK file and installed it manually on my phone. The game is working quite fine. 😛

Download APK Files From Google Play Store

We’ll have lot of situations like these, so get ready for learning the procedure to download APK files from Google Play Store:

1. It’s quite simple actually, just open the desired app on the Google Play Store and copy its link (you can see that in the address bar). You can also find the package name of the Android app and use it.

2. Now, open Evozi APK Downloader and paste that link in the text box available. You can see the screenshot below. I used DEAD TRIGGER 2’s Google Play Store link there.

Download APK Files From Google Play Store

Now you can generate a download link or directly download the APK file. That’s it! This tool works for all the major applications, but sometimes it might throw errors like this – “Ops, we have run out of device to fetch your apk”, then you can try again or use the Chrome method with the link they have given there.

Download APK Files From Google Play Store Error

Having any queries regarding this? Facing any trouble? Do you have any other easy method? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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