Arya Space Is Hosting The NASA Space Apps Challenge


NASA Space Apps Challenge is an annual global hackathon that will be conducted across 135 cities simultaneously over the weekend of 11th-12th April. The FREE event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing open-source solutions to global challenges. This hackathon is part of a larger process of defining challenges relevant to earth and space, intensively working to prototype solutions over the course of the weekend and subsequently refining and implementing the most promising prototypes that will have the greatest impact on the world.

NASA Space Apps Challenge

The challenge was initiated by the NASA’s Open Innovation Program with the goal of using NASA data to catalyze innovation and opening up the process to the creativity, capacity, and disruptive thought of the global community. The International Space Apps Challenge is their method of inviting people around the world to be part of building, making and doing more with NASA data through an annual mass collaboration. Space Apps began in 2012 and has grown in size each year. Last year 95 cities in 47 countries with 8,200 participants created 671 prototypes focused on improving life in space and on Earth. This year, the number of cities has increased to 135 with similar increase expected in the number of participants.

NASA Space Apps Challenge

The New Delhi chapter of this global event is taking place in the IIT campus on 11th – 12th April, 2015. Arya Space is hosting the NASA Space Apps Challenge. Arya Space is a private space company and Astronomical Club of IIT Delhi. Developers, engineers, technologists, scientists, artists, architects, designers and anyone, regardless of their age, with a passion and desire to have an immediate impact on the world can participate in this FREE event. However, kids aged 13 and below should be accompanied by a an adult guardian. This event could be a great opportunity for family to work together on creating a solution while teaching their kids about space and engineering. Interested persons can register on the Space Apps Challenge website:, where they will find more information regarding the global challenge. Should anyone have queries regarding the hackathon, they can contact Abhijeet Gahlot at +91-9983338507 or email:

Through this event, the organizers hope to raise awareness among the Indian people about the future potential of space industry and encourage them to pursue career/start-up in the industry with the aim of making a difference in the world. Up till now, space was only for governments and multi billion dollar companies, however through rapid advancement in computer technology, various new companies have emerged that aim to provide direct benefit to the people of this planet by providing data or communication capabilities. As such, this industry has seen an unprecedented increase in the demand for IT and engineering professionals. The space industry is currently valued to over $300 Billion and is expected to grow tremendously with the continuation of this trend. India, with its vast pool of IT and engineering talent, cheap manufacturing and ISRO’s decades of experience has the chance to become one of the leading contributors the the space industry. Through this event people will realize the impact they can have on the industry and the future of humanity will take steps to explore the new possibilities.

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