Microsoft Interested In Buying BlackBerry For $7 Billion?

Now everyone wants to buy BlackBerry. According to the reports and rumours, companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei and Xiaomi are interested in acquiring the BlackBerry smartphone empire. But BlackBerry already denied about Samsung’s, Xiaomi’s and Lenovo’s offer. So amongst these, Microsoft is topping the charts for acquiring BlackBerry for a whopping $7 Billion.

Microsoft Interested In Buying BlackBerry

BlackBerry’s new flagship models are not going well and also they are planning on global job cuts. It is pretty hard for them to fight against both newcomers and existing market rulers. People these days focus on either OnePlus One or iPhone 6. To grab a BlackBerry phone, they should provide something more than security.

Today we heard some updates that Microsoft is going to make an offer of $7 Billion for acquiring BlackBerry. 26% premium for the stock (price of $13.23). BlackBerry’s shares closed Friday at $10.48.

Microsoft Interesting In Buying BlackBerry

It was rumoured that Lenovo made a $1 billion bid for the company before two years. BlackBerry CEO John Chen earlier denied that the company is not for sale and the meetings were not to discuss any potential takeover. BlackBerry is popularly known for their secure communications. Even presidents like Barack Obama uses (or used) BlackBerry smartphones for their communications.

Microsoft already acquired Nokia and rebranded as Microsoft phones. But having a BlackBerry under its nest will harm the growth of Windows?

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