Record Phone Calls On Your Android Device

There comes a time when you need to record a phone call in your Android smartphone or tablet. It can be for recording a phone call while talking to a customer care executive or when you need to show proof of something. It comes very much handy when your mom is telling you a list … Read more

Expected Features Of Xiaomi Mi 5

Expected Features Of Xiaomi Mi 5

There is no doubt in the fact that Xiaomi is a big hit in India and it is also getting a good response from all over the world. Xiaomi devices are in great demand and are selling like hot cakes. Mi 4 is currently one of the most successful phones for the company and it … Read more

5 Useful Smartphone Hacks You Should Try

Useful Smartphone Hacks

Let’s be fair, smartphones are making our lives better day by day. Some people might say we are addicted to the technology and it is controlling us, but hey, you can always switch off your phone whenever you are not using it. Honestly it is that simple! Personally, I love my smartphone. I use my … Read more