5 Useful Smartphone Hacks You Should Try


Let’s be fair, smartphones are making our lives better day by day. Some people might say we are addicted to the technology and it is controlling us, but hey, you can always switch off your phone whenever you are not using it. Honestly it is that simple!

Personally, I love my smartphone. I use my smartphone for tasks that make my life easy and saves some time. I use apps to book movie tickets, bus tickets, order food, buy clothes, etc. I saved a lot of time and used it for some other essential purposes.

In this article I have shared some useful smartphone hacks to have a pleasant and productive experience.

Useful Smartphone Hacks

Useful Smartphone Hacks

1. Charge Your Smartphone Faster

Do you know there is an easy trick to charge your smartphone faster? Just enable the “Airplane” mode in your phone while charging, I’m pretty sure the charging time will be less. The “Airplane” mode is also called as “Flight” mode in some smartphones.

2. Create Specific Vibrations For Different Contacts

Well if you like to make custom ringtones, you can also customize your iPhone to vibrate specifically for different users.

With iOS 7, simply choose a contact, edit and set the vibration based on your liking under Accessibility in Settings.

For Android users, you can download ViBe and customize your vibration to specific contacts.

3. Display Weather On Lock screen

It may be difficult to work your smartphone in morning and tricky to find the weather app. Simply put the weather app on your lock screen by default.

We recommend the free Weather Lock Screen app.

For Android, you can set a weather widget on your lock screen that you can access instantly such as Beautiful Widgets app.

4. Install Custom ROMs

You can always tweak your smartphone by rooting it and installing custom ROMs. For example, a smartphone powered by CyanogenMod (a custom ROM) provides better and smooth performance. Installing a custom ROM is quite tricky, but still you can perform the steps with proper guidance.

5. Make Your Online Shopping Better

If I need to find a one stop destination for my groceries, it’s the Big Basket app.

You can shop from a variety of things from fruits and vegetables to household appliances. What’s more, is that you can get it at a steal with great offers and in app purchase discounts that can help you buy what you need at a steal.

Like I said before, I use my smartphone mostly for shopping online. Think about the amount of time you can save when you purchase something online instead of offline. I don’t need to travel anywhere, just pick up my smartphone and make the purchase. I use Myntra app for purchasing my clothes online. I can get access to an exciting range of products that are hard to find in the “real” world. It has been a pleasant experience so far, with less distractions, I can directly focus on my shopping.

I’m pretty sure you guys will also have some interesting experiments & experiences, do share them in the comments below.

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