5 Best Budget Investments For Starting Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a booming platform for all kinds of content creators, because of the level of independence and visibility it offers from different audiences across the world. If you too have decided that your content is something that the world will benefit from, there are few places better than YouTube to showcase it.

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Before you set up your content and prepare a schedule, you will require some gear and research to get started with an upper hand. Whether you wish to upload simple game commentary or professional short films, you will require appropriate hardware to make do. Here are the top 5 best budget investments that are best for starting your new YouTube channel.

Budget Investments For Your New YouTube Channel

1. A Decent Camera

The most important aspect of shooting videos is getting a great camera for making sure that the audience can see you clearly and in HD resolution. An entry-level DSLR or high-end compact camera should do the trick when it comes to home videos or gaming commentary. A DSLR is better for shooting in locations that have low light, and it can offer impressive video in such a scenario. Starting off with an entry-level price segment of Rs. 25,000 in India, you can get the Nikon D3200 for around Rs. 24,000 and the Canon EOS 1300D for around Rs. 23,500.

Canon 700D

Both these DSLRs are good if you are mostly into stable and stationary recording. For a more hardcore, outdoor shoot, you may need to increase your budget to around Rs. 40,000. In this budget, the best options available are the Canon EOS 700D and the Nikon D5300.

Apart from these, if you are feeling the urge to splurge your cash on bigger and better DSLRs, you can get the Canon EOS 5D for around Rs. 2.5 lakhs. This DSLR offers unmatched performance in terms of still as well as moving videography.

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2. A Good Quality Microphone

Now that you are done with the DSLR camera purchase, it is time to invest in a decent microphone. If you are uploading video on YouTube, you will have to incorporate audio for it to work well with different audiences. If you are thinking that using the DSLR’s mic is the best bet, you are completely wrong. The built-in mic is very basic and completely useless for recording audio in your videos. Recording via the DSLR mic is only recommended when your location is completely soundproof, and you are recording closeup shots.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone Blackout Edition

Instead, you can check out cost-effective options in the market that provide a great quality of audio at nominal prices. The best microphone in the budget range is the Rode VMGO mic that provides exceptional audio quality for a price range of around Rs. 5,000. Alternatively, you could also get the world-famous Blue Yeti mic for Rs. 8,500. It is known to be the best budget microphone in the world.

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3. Sturdy Tripod

Now that you are completely equipped with your camera and microphone, you may think your gear is all set. But, in case you have an entire team to manage shooting, you will have to manage video recording with the help of a tripod. A tripod can be placed in front of your shot and will help provide a stable video. Also, accessories like dolly sliders and shifters can be used to change camera angles while it is stuck on to a firm tripod head.

Vanguard CX203AP Espod Tripod Aluminum

Depending on what DSLR you get, the weight capacity of the tripod will matter. If you went for one of the entry-level cameras, you might not require a heavy-duty tripod and the Benro T600EX can do the trick quite well at around Rs. 1,500. If you are looking at handling heavier and premium equipment, you can get tripods that range up to Rs. 1 lakh and are available with exclusive brands like Manfrotto and Gitzo, which offers unparalleled performance.

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4. Video Editing Software

Once you have purchased your entire hardware gear, it is time to set up the software for managing your content. Gone are the days of YouTube where every video used to be an unedited and rash collection of content by creators, the entire industry is now based on carefully edited shots. You don’t NEED to use an editing program to start, but it is highly recommended that you buy one. Of course, you can use built-in editing software like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, but for additional features, there are premium software that most YouTubers are using.

Final Cut Pro X

Windows OS has popular options like Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro. Both are quite similar in functionality but different in design. You can use the software that suits your requirements. Alternatively, if you are on Mac OS, you can check Final Cut Pro, which is an easier version but gets the work done twice as fast. All these software are above the price range of Rs. 20,000, hence they require complete research before making the decision.

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5. Lighting

To get started all that you need is a DSLR camera, a microphone, tripod and a great video editing software. While it is a concern in low lighting conditions, you don’t have to necessarily stress yourself about setting up artificial lighting, but if you have some money left over in your YouTube budget I strongly recommend getting arranging a three-point lighting softbox that involves getting 3 powerful sources of artificial light and placing them in a position that lights up the subjects completely.


For this equipment, you could grab the GizmoGrid softbox from Amazon for around Rs. 7,000 or a smaller NEEWER LED panel for your DSLR that will cost you just around Rs. 4,000.

Apart from these suggestions, you could get additional equipment like camera lenses, heavy-duty PC or Mac machines for editing and transferring video data.

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These are the top 5 most important investments that may help you set up and run your very own YouTube channel. Sure it requires a substantial amount of money to showcase your content to the world, but once you start to get noticed, the amount of returns and fame will leave you to want to take up YouTube as a viable career option. But, do remember, it is not the gear that makes you stand out, it is your content. You need to have something that your audience will find interesting, a passion for something that you might want to share with others. That is what will really make people watch and like your videos. If you don’t have that, even the greatest and most expensive equipment will be worthless.

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