Send Directions To Your Android Device Easily Now


I think Google often tries to remind us why they are the undisputed champion in the Internet. Few days back they announced a search query for finding your phone and now they have another smart trick to send directions to your Android device (phone / tablet) easily.

Send Directions To Your Android Phone

Just Google “send directions” and you will get a pop-up box, where you’ll have the options to choose your route and desired device (from your list of connected Android devices) to send it to.

It will automatically show your phone’s current location when the directions are sent, but you can also search for any specific location in the provided box.

After clicking send, your device will open Google Maps and so on. Things are getting so easier when you know how to use Google properly. Looking forward for other Google search tricks.

Note: This feature is slowly rolling out.

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2 Comments on Send Directions To Your Android Device Easily Now

  1. Apr 24, 2015 / Arup:
    So Google is making maps a more useful tool. Reply
  2. May 07, 2015 / Manivannan:
    Great tip! Wish Google does the same for iPhone soon. Reply

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