Snapdeal And Online Shopping Experience


Online Shopping, a term which has become a phenomena. Few years ago we only had two to three options and the list of products which can be brought online was also low. However, things have changed a lot and thanks to growing number of entrepreneurs that now you can buy almost everything online. I still remember that whenever I had to buy clothes or a new mobile phone, I would spend two to three days in going from one shop to another to get that perfect thing.

Frankly speaking I am not a big fan of online shopping. News of online frauds and fake products doesn’t allows me to buy things in the online world. But, one thing changed my mind. Recently, my friend brought a new smartphone from an online place and he seemed very happy with the service. This online place was none other than our very own Snapdeal.

Snapdeal And Online Shopping Experience

He was so happy that he finally convinced me to do online shopping. I was also planning to buy a new smartphone so I decided to buy it from Snapdeal. My friend was so much excited that we decided to order the phone from his place only. I asked him to bring the laptop and to my surprise he started laughing. I was confused and things got cleared when he unlocked his smartphone and opened the Snapdeal’s mobile app. You don’t even need to open a laptop! Just download the app and it’s done.

Snapdeal And Online Shopping Experience

I also downloaded the app. I was very much impressed by the way Snapdeal has designed their mobile app. It is small in size and was fast enough to go from one product to another. There is filter for almost everything. I selected the category Electronics and a sub category opened in front of me. All the products were neatly categorised. As I had to buy a phone, I selected the category “Mobiles, Tablets & Accessories” and clicked on Mobile Phones.

The interface of the app is just beyond words. There is tab for famous brands, you can choose the filter as per your budget like Below Rs. 5000, Above Rs. 25000 and there is also option for choosing phones among top selling and top rated. When it comes to buying a smartphone, you first shortlist 5-8 phones and then choose among them. Snapdeal know this fact and that’s why they have a feature where you just need to tap the heart above the phone and it will be added to the shortlist.

Now, if you wish to put a filter, you can do it on almost everything. You can filter products on the basis of brand, RAM, screen size, battery cores and even on discounts. After going through thousands of phones, I finally decided to buy the latest Samsung Galaxy Grand Max. All the specifications were clearly mentioned right there on the app in a detailed manner.

I ordered the phone yesterday and here I am today surfing Internet on my brand new Samsung Galaxy Grand Max. The delivery was fast and on time. In conclusion I just want to say that Snapdeal actually gives you dil ki deal.

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  1. Oct 27, 2015 / News.Deals:
    I have used Snapdeal a few times before and my experiences are great. It's a good place to you to find good deals with lowest prices. Reply

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