Google Play Books’ New Font Perfect For Long Reads On All Devices

Earlier we had a eBooks (vs) Books post to discuss the pros and cons, we believed eBooks are equally popular as normal books these days. The credit goes to Google Play Books as well, I have plenty of books there and I used to read them occasionally while travelling. I uploaded my favorite eBooks there so that I can read them when I’m offline as well.

Now Google has a new font which is perfect for long reads on all devices. This font is designed for easy readability. Though I’m a huge fan of physical books I still have a love over eBooks as they help me a lot to read my favorite books instantly without going anywhere outside to buy. I hope it’ll be a better experience reading eBooks with this new font.

“Literata” – New Font Perfect For Long Reads

Google collaborated with TypeTogether and came with this new font – “Literata”.

You can now find this font on Google Play Books. Literata will become the default font replacing Droid Serif. Google’s goal was a “new book typeface was needed that would provide an outstanding reading experience on a whole range of devices and high resolution screens running different rendering technologies.

Google Play Books tweeted this and introduced their new font:

This new addition will help Google Play Books to match heavily with their competitors like Amazon Kindle, Flipkart eBooks, etc. It is to be noted that Literata has over 1,100 characters per font. I’m very excited to read an eBook with this new font, hope you are too. As of now I can’t see the font live on Google Play Books, hope they are slowly rolling out the update.

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