Introducing NomadClip – Reinventing The USB Cable


Still roaming with those fancy keychains? Maybe it’s time to switch them with these. Introducing NomadClip, a portable charging cable in the shape of a carabiner. It is constructed from a tough steel frame and a Bayer Science polycarbonate outer shell. You can use this as a keychain and have your smartphone cable with it. You can use NomadClip to charge/sync your smartphone from any USB port.

NomadClip – Keychain + Charger


Using this NomadClip you can charge any micro USB device including tablets, Kindles, Jamboxes and your smartphone. Their 24 gauge copper wires support high 2 amp charging and data sync.

I already pre-ordered this product, can’t wait to try my hands on it. You can pre-order this cable for $29 on You can also use the code “LIVESIMPLE” and get 25% off your Nomad order this week.

Nomad already drooled us with NomadKey and NomadCard, pretty sure this product will also be a wonderful one.

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  1. Jul 11, 2014 / Yatharth Singh:
    Wow.. Really an amazing gadget....!!! Well make this website for mobile devices also. The webpage is opening like a desktop view in ma smartphone. Reply

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