Pros And Cons Of Jailbreaking Your iOS Device

In our previous post, we told you about the pros and cons of rooting your Android device. When it comes to Apple devices, everything gets changed. The OS is different, functions are different and there are lots of other things which are different from Android. However, the one thing which is not different is Jailbreaking. Just like there is Rooting in Android device, there is Jailbreaking in iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod) devices. So, it can be said that Jailbreaking is nothing but just like rooting where you get complete control over your device.

Jailbreaking can be a risky process as it comes attached with few pros and cons. If you are not sure about whether to jailbreak your device or not, read these pros and cons of Jailbreaking your device and you will get a clear image.

Pros & Cons of Jailbreaking iOS Devices

Pros And Cons Of Jailbreaking Your iOS Device

Pros of Jailbreaking

  • More apps to install: One of the biggest reasons for Jailbreaking is to get access to the apps that are not approved by Apple. Jailbreaking allows you to use all those thousands of new apps which Apple does not allow to install in your device. An application known as Cydia gets automatically installed on the devices after Jailbreaking. This app offers alternatives to Apple’s own App Store apps.
  • Customize the looks: Another good advantage of Jailbreaking your device is that it allows you to fully customize. You can install custom icons, wallpapers, docks and even themes. Jailbreaking also allows you to change the colour, transparency, look and size of application dock.
  • Upgrade your device: You can upgrade Siri in your device after Jailbreaking. Jailbreaking allows Siri to search for YouTube Videos, tell you a joke, Tweet for you and even translate English phrases for you. The Retina function can also be upgraded. Jailbreaking allows to use the retina designed elements in place of regular resolution graphics which means it will no longer strain your eyes. Functionality of the keyboard can also be customised.
  • Block unwanted apps: You can install any browser of your choice on your device after Jailbreaking. You can also block those unwanted apps that comes with the device.
  • Make any song your ringtone: Jailbreaking allows you to make any song as your ringtone, even if it is not downloaded from Apple iTune Store.

Cons of Jailbreaking

  • Jailbreaking can result in bricking your device which means your device will no longer function and will become useless like a brick.
  • Jailbreaking voids your warranty which means if you face any issue after Jailbreaking the device, you can’t get it corrected at Apple Store under your warranty policy. But yes, there are some ways to overcome this.
  • Jailbreaking is illegal in many countries and may land you in trouble.
  • While rooting improves the battery life in an Android, Jailbreaking may reduce the battery performance in device.
  • It is possible that your device starts showing some errors or some apps starts misbehaving after the process of Jailbreaking.

Jailbreaking is a process which needs to be done carefully, otherwise you will have to buy a new device. Be fully prepared before Jailbreaking your device.

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